The modern city is turning into to a central hub of human life which depends on information and communication technologies.

With the support of information and communication technologies (ICT), new technical solutions are being developed and perhaps most importantly, existing infrastructures can be utilized more efficiently. For industrial nations, this is an expansion but for emerging and developing countries it often means the most basic construction of their infrastructure. Intelligent cities aim for a sustainable utilization of scarce resources. Energy, space, money and time are used dynamically – in a way that the current demands require at any given moment. Therefore, ICT infrastructure of the smart city are logically connected to each other in order to exchange and use data about status, demands and capacities. Information is available wherever it is needed and the modern city thus makes itself transparent. The technology itself takes a backseat because the control concepts fit seamlessly into the everyday life and customs of the people.

Icon Information und Kommunikation Information and communication

Information is the key to the intelligent city of tomorrow. Communication in smart cities makes it easier for everyone to have access to information and eliminates time-consuming processes through electronic data transfer. The city provides a public communication platform that is meant to make everyday life easier.

Icon Mibilität Mobility

Mobility does not just mean free movement throughout the city. Soon, intelligent control systems will automatically monitor the traffic flow and flexibly react to problems. A city-wide, open mobility network will be formed that will save time, resources and costs through more efficient communication.

Icon Energie Energy

Our power supply system will be converted into an intelligent energy information system that will not only transport energy but also information about consumption and availability. In smart cities, a transparent data exchange for the consumer will support conscious power consumption.

Icon Sicherheit Public safety

Not only is the immediate safety of citizens and utilities of utmost importance in smart cities but the safety and functionality of the information and communication infrastructures is also of critical importance. Prevention will become a key concept in the smart city.

Icon Transport Transport

All means of transport in the smart city are linked through intelligent information and communication technologies. Intelligent control systems allow for uninterrupted traffic flow through dynamic navigation and thereby lower CO2 emissions and noise.

Icon Gesundheit Health

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and health insurance companies will be linked even more in the smart city through electronic systems and will have equal access to critical data. Seamless information flow will lead to faster and more individualized care for each patient.

Icon Verwaltung Governmental Administration

The smart city makes governmental processes transparent and keeps them to a minimum. It connects citizens, businesses and institutions with each other, allows for their participation and provides them with free access to public data and information.

Icon Wohnen Living

The residences of the smart city are linked and integrated in the safety concept of the city. The residents use information of the public power supply for sustainable living and can control their private living spaces from the outside and adjust them individually to their needs.

Icon Kultur Culture

Multimedia-based communication technologies enable the cultural, economic and social exchange of the citizens of a smart city and contribute to a dynamic cultural education in areas where buildings are multifunctional and sustainably designed.

Icon Bildung Education

Social self-conception in the smart city is based on a sustainable knowledge-based society that is characterized by networked knowledge exchange within and outside of the smart city. Knowledge becomes transparent and can be seamlessly transferred and accessed at any time and from anywhere.