City applications provide the citizens with access to up-to-date information and administrative services.

Registration matters, house-hunting, bulky waste pick-up, study opportunities, traffic information, lack of hygiene in restaurants: these are issues that all cities, communities, municipal companies and citizens have to deal with. The time that the appropriate agencies and communal companies need to address these issues often seems endless, time-consuming and too complicated to the citizen. City applications, whether they are provided by public authorities, companies, organizations or citizens, remedy the situation: They combine internal and external resources like data, functionalities or services and provide citizens with the opportunity to quickly contact the correct person in a governmental administration or communal company.

The establishment of platform and device-independent city applications for administrative services and municipal service providers support the (online) involvement of the citizen on the communal level and increases the transparency of administrative processes. With the help of city applications, information and communication technologies can be set up in governmental bodies on a long-term basis. This results in the development of versatile access to administrative services and providing citizens with up-to-date information about infrastructure and services.