In the city of the future, urban data, services and applications are bundled into a platform.

The city of the future needs a platform for urban data, services and applications in a technical and organizational sense. On the one hand, a technical infrastructure for the integration and provision of the heterogeneous and distributed data sources is needed. On the other hand, an organizational framework has to be established that controls the provision, processing, transfer and use of the data for all actors involved – technologically, legally and economically.

Basic requirements for the databases include the following:

  • Timeliness, accuracy and quality of the data,
  • Data availability,
  • Possibilities for data aggregation and data analysis,
  • Uniform and device-independent access to data,
  • Data safety and legally compliant use and transfer of data.

These demands can be addressed with a multilayered architecture, whose core consists of the infrastructure layer, which enables the provision and processing of comprehensive city-relevant data. Basic components of the infrastructure layer include discrete and continuous data sources, data memory, data descriptions and specifications, filters, transformers and aggregators as well as combinable access services. One example for the work of Fraunhofer FOKUS in the area of data platforms is the Berliner Datenportal. that Fraunhofer FOKUS has designed based on CKAN technology and realized in collaboration with BerlinOnline.