Effective technical systems have to be integrated in the city of the future.

The technical systems of cities include the infrastructure and administrative systems of a city. Municipal task fields like mobility, supply and waste deposal and safety that were in the past most likely separate, are assessed for common interfaces and interactions and linked in a logical way to benefit the city. This leads to increased demands on the information and communication systems that run through the various technical systems of a city. Integrated infrastructure and administrative systems lift the city of the future to a new quality level. They allow for analyses, safeguarding and optimization beyond subject, organizational and technological boundaries, whereby the interoperability, effectiveness and the functional and IT safety of these solutions have to be designed and realized early on.

Therefore, Fraunhofer FOKUS is developing methods and tools for ascertaining the requirements of the ICT-based solutions, as well as their design, specifications, implementation and quality management. Particularly in the area of the model-based development of software-intensive systems and supportive tool chains for development and quality management processes, Fraunhofer FOKUS has become internationally renowned for its technologies such as ModelBus or Fokus!MBT.